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The personal side of Jim, born in Kamloops, raised in the Boundary Country. Now residing in Kelowna, BC, the best place in the world.


Follow Jim on Twitter to see what is important to him. He is a proud Canadian that believes everyone has a right and a duty to make Canada a better place.

Jim Csek, CMA

From a professional standpoint, see what Jim has been up to. Who he connects with and what he has accomplished to date. You can also connect with Jim there.

In the Movies

See movies, well maybe not movies, youtube videos, but one has to dream big. See videos Jim is either in or has produced.

Online Properties

Csek Creative – Kelowna based Web Design Firm

Csek Creative is the custom solution provider. Database solutions to full integrations into your business model to save you money and or increase your revenues

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DotCom Media

DotCom Media has been providing solutions to SMBs for over 12 years. Based in Kelowna, BC, the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

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Canadian Market Watch

Canadian Market Watch is focused on the Canadian junior markets. It provides technical signals in the equities that trade under $3.00.

Read more was the initial foray into the online world. It was the initial focus, but shelved until a solution for relevant and timely content was available. SM makes that possible now

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How does it affect your life

Technology, the Internet, Smartphones, Digital Information...

In Life you Control 2 things, your Attitude and your Effort, master those and everything else is easy

Good Luck follows Hard Work around. Stay Close.

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